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Book a Service

If you would like to have our ministry come speak at your church or our executive director speak at your event, please use one of the following booking links below. 

Please note, bookings are not final until we personally email with a confirmation. All bookings are subject to calendar approval. 


Book Executive Director Lindsay Holloway

Pastor Lindsay lived a life of addiction and incarceration for years. Since being set free from these life-controlling issues, she is driven to shine a light to lead people to Jesus’ transformative love. She has been sharing her testimony and serving in ministry for over 10 years in jails, prisons, schools, recovery programs, and churches.


One of her passions is to remove barriers for those coming out of incarceration to have a real second chance. She serves as an advocacy speaker for criminal justice reform policies in multiple nonprofit organizations.


She founded TILM in 2016. She lives in Baxter, TN with her husband, Derek, and daughter, Elizabeth. ​ Lindsay is currently completing her Bachelor of Organizational Leadership with Tennessee Technological University and holds her Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) industry certification through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. ​ She is actively involved on several reentry boards and committees including those which advise the TN Dept of Corrections (TDOC) on reentry matters and best practices.

Cost:  Varies by event, distance, and need. 


Book a TILM Church Service (Grace Crusades)

If your church would like to book a TILM Service where pastor Lindsay comes out and delivers a message and our girls give their testimonies, please use this booking link. We are available on Sundays and Wednesdays, pending availability check. 

If you would like your congregation to see the full power of the Gospel to set people free and break any stronghold, we encourage you to book a service with us. All proceeds go directly to the ministry to allow us to continue helping women. 

Cost:  Love Offering 

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