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Key Questions to Consider Before Founding a Nonprofit

Have you been inspired to start a nonprofit? You’re not alone! Over one million nonprofits exist across the United States, many of which might be tackling the same issues you stand to solve. Like starting any business, it’s important to do your research before launching a nonprofit organization. This is Living Ministries invites you to check out the following tips to help overcome common obstacles as you get your nonprofit ready for a successful launch.

How Are You Going to Manage the Workload?

The to-do list of a nonprofit founder is virtually endless. The right tools and attention to self-care will help you avoid overworking yourself!

● Kikolani suggests investing in tools designed to streamline time-consuming administrative tasks.

● For example, look for a payroll service that offers at a glance timesheet details on any device for easy payroll management.

● Know how to prevent, recognize, and recover from nonprofit burnout.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

For your nonprofit to be successful, it must address a real need among your target demographic.

● If you are still looking for ideas, take inspiration from these nonprofit mission statements.

● Nonprofit Springboard says to consider basing your nonprofit around a passion project that’s close to your heart.

● If you want to assist with professional services like healthcare, consider how a nursing degree may help you meet your goals.

● If you’re curious about how a nonprofit can fulfill its mission, consider volunteering with an organization like This is Living Ministries to learn more.

How Are You Going to Keep it Legal?

Nonprofits are governed by a special set of laws. Make sure you understand your legal responsibilities so you can avoid issues down the line.

● Be careful to avoid engaging in illegal nonprofit activities like getting involved in political campaigns.

● Familiarize yourself with what’s required to establish a nonprofit corporation.

● Stay on top of your annual filing obligations to maintain your tax-exempt status.

Who is Going to Join You?

You don’t have to do this alone! Finding people to support your nonprofit will take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

● Find great members to form your nonprofit board.

Attract volunteers to support your cause and carry out nonprofit projects.

Nonprofits provide immense value to our communities. While it can be tough to get off the ground, the work is well worth it when you observe your organization’s positive impact on the people around you. Start planning your launch today!

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