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Simple Ways You Can Help Your Community

When we live in a community, we become one important piece of a whole. It is our duty and responsibility to help to ensure that our communities are safe, healthy havens for ourselves, our friends and neighbors, and our families. Today, This is Living Ministries will take a look at a few ways that you can take initiative to ensure your own neighborhood stays that way.


One of the quickest and most direct ways to have an impact is to donate. When you give money directly to a cause, you inject much-needed energy into where it is needed the most. Even if you do not have extra money to spare, there are many ways that you can give of yourself. One idea: sponsor a formerly incarcerated woman who is working with This is Living Ministries. Sponsoring a student covers their counseling, basic necessities, staff support, curriculum and materials, and a portion of the facility.

Start a Nonprofit

When you start a nonprofit, you become a vehicle by which your community can invest in causes near and dear to everyone. Starting in NPO is not as difficult as it sounds, and it begins by writing your bylaws as well as the details of your operation. You’ll need to clearly outline how board meetings, voting, and conflicts of interest will be managed. You also need to be transparent with your donors, which makes it much simpler to access grants and public and private funds.

Spread the Word

No matter your cause, getting the word out is one of the greatest ways to bring awareness to an issue. This might be social justice problems, such as race inequality, or helping the older members of your community understand how today’s youth thinks and feels. Regardless of the issue, you can start by having intimate conversations with your friends and family until you are comfortable speaking to a broader audience.

Whether you start a nonprofit or simply advocate for a cause, you could share helpful information by creating a newsletter. Click here to find a wide variety of customizable templates to get you started. Find a look that works with your cause, make some changes to make it your own, and start generating content!

Vote for Like-Minded Candidates

When it’s time to cast your ballot, cast it for someone who has the same views on issues as you do. The League of Women Voters explains that you can judge a candidate by first outlining what you want from them. You can also utilize online resources to learn more about the individuals. You’ll also want to look at their background and leadership experience and talk to others in your community to gauge their opinion on each potential leader.

Launch a Community Project

There is an unlimited number of community projects that you can start that will benefit your area. Before you decide on what to do, identify the greatest need. Is it access to clean, healthy food? Starting a neighborhood garden might be a great choice. Are illiteracy rates higher in your community than in other parts of your state? Make books available for free to the kids in your hometown.


Giving your time, especially when you have a skill that others can use to their benefit, is a great way to get involved in your community. You can use to find opportunities based on either your location or particular interest. Volunteering comes with the added benefits of giving you more social opportunities, which is important if you find yourself spending more time alone than with others.

Find Your Way to Give Back

There are many ways that you can help your community. From starting a nonprofit organization to giving blood to building a free library to simply having a conversation, you are not limited by anything other than your desire to help. Remember, being a good steward to the world in which we live is an important responsibility that we should never take lightly.

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