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Getting Active In The Church Has These Surprising Health Benefits For Seniors

Like many seniors, I found it difficult to stay social and take care of myself after my husband passed. The grief was overwhelming, and it was hard to push myself to get through my former daily routines. While I knew that resuming anything resembling a normal schedule would help me in the long run, finding the motivation to do so was extremely challenging. Fortunately, I had my church community to lean on. 

There are several benefits to getting involved in the church, especially for seniors. Not only does it provide a wealth of support, it also allows older adults to stay active and find a sense of purpose. When you’re navigating grief or a big life change, this can be invaluable

Here are just a few ways your mental and physical health can benefit from getting involved in your church:

Stay active

Attending church is a great way to stay social since there are usually a number of groups, events, and activities you can join. When you’re more social, you’re more likely to remain active. At my church, I found a small group of friends who wanted to make healthy lifestyle changes, so we formed a walking group and began meeting at the park every morning to hit the trails. Outside of that, attending church regularly and getting involved in group activities allows you to get out of the house and have fun, which is always a good thing for both your mental and physical well-being. 

Connect with your spirituality

Attending church regularly isn’t just a great way to focus on the mind and body, but also on your spiritual side. There has been a lot written about the benefits of mindfulness in recent years, and there are several ways to practice. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, journaling, or even a physical activity like walking, being more mindful allows you to find calm, relax, reduce stress, and find comfort. .

Find a sense of purpose

Finding your place within the church comes with plenty of benefits for you, but it also allows you to help others. My congregation has created a wealth of opportunities for older adults to get involved in their communities, from organizing bake sales to benefit local charities to helping with fundraising efforts for those affected by natural disasters. By getting involved in these activities, you can find a purpose and truly feel that you’re making a difference, which can have significant effects on your confidence and mental health.

Boost your cognitive function

Like many older adults, I’ve found that over the years my cognitive function isn’t what it used to be, and although I take steps to boost my brain power through eating the right diet, I’ve found that going to church also helps. Whether I’m assisting with a fundraiser or singing hymns with my congregation, taking part in various activities truly helps me stay sharp. The key is to remain organized, using a smartphone to stay connected to others in my group and to set alarms and reminders to keep me on schedule. Calendly notes that you can also use apps to stay organized and manage appointments

Move closer to church

I decided to move closer to my church to immerse myself in a vibrant community that fosters spiritual growth and deepens my connection with fellow believers. By shortening the distance between my home and place of worship, I had greater opportunities to engage in meaningful church activities, build stronger relationships, and actively participate in my congregation. I used online listings with customizable search filters to streamline the home search process and find a suitable home.

Staying active in your church is a wonderful way to meet new people, help others, and boost your own physical and mental health. By looking for ways to get involved, you can find a new sense of purpose and meet people who will support you through the toughest times.

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